A personalised Home Care Service at Competitive Prices

Calvern  Care  Ltd  was  established  in  2001  by  Vernon  &  Carol  Martin  and  remains  an  independent, family-owned and run company serving Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.From  the  beginning,  our  aim  has  always  been  to  provide  the  highest  standards  of  personal  support  for people  living  in  the  community  who,  through  illness,  frailty  or  disability,  are  unable  to  provide  this  for themselves without assistance.We  offer  a  personalised,  comprehensive  care  service  that  enables  us  to  plan  and  provide  a  service tailored to meet each individual persons emotional, physical and social needs.

In  addition  to  the  stringent  annual  Care  Quality  Commission  audit,  we  continually  monitor  and  audit our service delivery to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and outcomes are being met.Please  use  this  website  to  discover  the  full  range  of  services  we  can  deliver,  full  details  of  our  staff training  and  accreditation  and  how  you  can  contact  us,  and  above  all,  to  find  out  what  we  can  do  to improve the quality of life for you or your loved ones.

We look forward to being of service to you.